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  1. Thanks for your good news, but I have two questions. "Meanwhile KVS 5.0 will only be available for new installations." Is that mean current KVS sites will not able to upgrade to 5.0? Or just mean we need to install a fresh 5.0, and old data is still able to import? And your homepage is showing "5.0 version is available" (https://www.kernel-video-sharing.com/images/special/kvs-v5-2.jpg), but actually it don't have a release day yet?
  2. Seems good, is it 4.1 and will support PHP 7?
  3. Oh I just found that on your post, sorry for missed it. And shopping cart feature is great also!
  4. Hello, I just have an inspiration, are you able to add Bitcoin / CryptoCurrency payment gateway?
  5. Got it and thank you! And how about support PHP 7? Performance can be increase a lot for sure.
  6. Hello, may I know if there is possible to upgrade flowplayer to version 7? I know you have made lots of change on it, but flowplayer 7 should have better performance and more modern.
  7. Got it, thank you for your detailed answer :)
  8. Hi, do you have any plan on HLS support (.ts file format) now? I have asked this question on last year, and you said it's planned on 4.0. I know it may difference, but I think this feature should be on high priority list, it have much better performance than single video file, also save bandwidth cost.
  9. Hi, interested on HLS support, may I know does this function have development schedule? And will there have a tool to help us to convert current video to ts format?
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