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  1. Can close topic, we've compiled our own.
  2. Looking for a couple of custom grabbers to be made. DM me with your price. Cheers
  3. Looking to buy a models database with images.
  4. Following this, I wondering if anyone had done this already with the synonyms etc?
  5. Yes if anyone has tags, categorisation done already
  6. Looking to buy a good categorisation setup from anyone. New sites and want to make sure content is tagged, categorised correctly, if anyone has spent time setting this up already, I'll be interested in buying this from you. Thanks
  7. Has anyone got videos re-indexed without having to change the URL? The problem with changing the URL, is that you'll lose ranking with a redirect, if possible you should always avoid redirecting a URL, so although you can get videos indexed possibly you'll lose ranking so will lose traffic anyway... If there is a way to do this without a redirect, that would be a better solution.
  8. We're seeing a lot of top results have this: Page indexing Page is not indexed: Page with redirect Also on the same report from GSC: Discovery Sitemaps No referring sitemaps detected This is obviously due to the /videos/ to /video/ and we've done the 301. We have the sitemap in place too and that's obviously using /video/ too unless it needs refreshing to /video/ ? We've been requesting a recrawl of pages with redirects but taking forever for Google to do it properly. Any other methods to get them to follow /videos/ to /video/
  9. Could you remove our. domain from the posts. What I mean is that everyone else seems to be getting this working and this doesn't seem to be working for us. Not sure what the difference is.
  10. Understood, just trying to find a reason as to why everyone else seems to be getting videos back and we're not seeing the same :/ not sure what to do to get things back to normal...
  11. We're running nginx, we've followed all the steps and we're still not getting google to bring back all the pages, we have lost a LOT of traffic due to this. Here are our nginx rules. We have over 40 sites with quite a lot of sites having lost 100k videos on them... We REALLY need to figure out what is going on. rewrite ^/videos/([0-9]+)/([^/]+)/$ /video/$1/$2/ permanent; rewrite ^/videos/([^/]+)/$ /video/$1/ permanent; rewrite ^/video/([0-9]+)/([^/]+)/$ /view_video.php?id=$1&dir=$2 last; rewrite ^/video/([^/]+)/$ /view_video.php?dir=$1 last;
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