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Enable cloudflare HSTS and Firewall for kvs website


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Hi , i want to enable HSTS and Firewall for my site in cloudflare , to increase the security of my site , i have reCAPTCHA and i want now add hsts and firewall.
but i dont know how to enable HSTS and also for the firewall i see many instructional videos and many options to creat firewall  but I don't know which is the most suitable for kvs site.
If anyone has experience and knowledge for two of this things please  share and help.

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HSTS just requires all your internal and external links to be HTTPS there is no specific requirement. If you fail even 1 link your page will not load. That is HSTS. 

Not sure what you mean by firewalling, but Iptables is plenty just open port 443 that is all KVS requires. If you need remote access open SSH on a different port and enable Fail2Ban.

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