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i have lot content but no visitors, help me to choose server

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Hi, i have in my dropbox hundred of thousands of high quality adult videos, i want to start new site,
i want to upload to my server all my videos thats mean 50TB to 100TB of videos.

is there soulation for me?

how can someone thats have ready content and ready site to start upload and get visitors?
remember thats i dont have visitors and dont want to Spend unnecessary money, i mean thats i just want server to host my content, is there somthing like this?

is it good idea to order  small dedicated server  And add to it 50tb storage HDD for storage good idea?
it is will work fine?
after i earn many visitor i can updrage the server?

help me to understand how it work please :)

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The best route to take is to buy a cheap offshore vps, and upload all videos to services such as doodstream. 
You don't even need kvs at the beginning, saving you some money. And then it just up to you to fill your website with videos.
The hardest is of course to get people to visit your website. You can find on google how to do that, and get creative. 

When you start earning money, buy a dedicated server, and kvs (they will help you with migrating the website cheaply).

This is how i did it, and it worked for me, so should work for you. Good luck.

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