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add video hosting platform as second server to my site


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Hi, i have video hosting platform , and i have videos in my hosting platfrom, i want to connect and import the videos to my website, i dont know anything about api , and how its work, also i dont do anything about video hosting platform like streamsb.com and doodstream.com and streamzz.to
i see many video streaming sites wirk with this platforms.
how i can work with streamzz.to ?
for example what i should do and start? this is api support and how i should connect and do thing https://streamzz.to/api.dll

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this my site admin panel live demo

and this support artical in my site forum
i dont know If an the article is related to what I need.
I have uploaded videos to video hosting platforms streamsb.com , How do I connect  to my site and start work with this platform for the first time?
 want start  a new tube sites and fill my website with ten thousands with HD videos.
i dont have any visitors, and i want hosted the files not embedd. 
i read and about video hosting platfrom , i want connect my website to site like doodstream and streamsb.
the video hosting platform like streamsb let you big storge to upload your videos in 5 upload methods, can upload throught torrent or FTP and more.
i know thats is there sites use this platform to Offers to website  visitors an enjoyable and comfortable fast viewing.

how can i use the video hosting platform in my site, my site hosting on small vps, and i cant rent dedicated server now with many cores and high ram becaous i dont have more than 10-100 visitors daily, also the diticated server cost hundred of dollars monthly .

i give you two examples
this is streamsb api document :

and this is doodstream api document 

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