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Mass edit failing

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  • Mass edit failing

    I am able to edit individual videos, but I have over 500 videos, all of which need to be assigned to the same user, the same channel and the same category. But it won't let me do that. Every time I try to edit more than one video, it comes up saying it is working in the background, but never progresses and never finishes. Any idea what is happening here? It is at Thanks.

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    This is because of PHP default limit of post field number. By default you can mass edit ~ 400 videos at a time.
    If you want to increase this, try adding into /admin/.htaccess file the following:

    php_value max_input_vars 10000
    - will allow mass editing about 4900 videos at a time.

    Another option. Instead of selecting individual videos for mass editing, you can better filter the videos list as you need and then use Mass edit filtered videos. You won't need to increase the number of videos displayed at a time, because Mass edit filtered videos option will affect all videos that are currently filtered in videos list.


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      It will NOT let me edit more than one. I just tried again to edit only two and it won't work. It just hangs and makes no progress at all. Please advise. Thank you.


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        Please contact tech support and send us screenshot of what you trying to do.