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Best Server Setup Infrastructure

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Looking for the best server setup for KVS Premium. I look to build a big and legit site self hosting many videos on a seperate storage server/CDN.

Which is the best setup for Main Server, Conversion Server ( ffmpeg and converting videos can be slow i need best possible process to do 100-1000s a day if need be) and Lastly a Storage and CDN. Latly been testing KVS sites with remote s3 and cdn with mojohost. For some reason as others mentioned i keep getting a media failed to put video on server error. Me and their devs/admins been going back and forth for weeks now and cant figure it out. The server was a dedicated hosted on ovh and they are trying to move to their own servers managed which is obviously way more. Regardless this is for 6 other smaller tubes i dont do much with but wanted to add say 5-10 self hosted videos daily to the remote s3 buckets.

The new site will be just one self hosted site trying to do all of the above. Any setup/recommended server specs would be greatly appreciated. Ive read padres posts about ssd/nvme being a game changer later on when you have a lot of traffic. MYSQL also can be a pain not sure what DB to use ect. Any OG's here running some huge similar sites that could share their input and what to stay away from would be highly appreciated. Thanks all <3

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I've responded to your query privately, but here's a brief overview for clarity. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to test S3 with KVS, and generally, I find S3 more expensive than the solutions I've developed. You might want to look into MinIO if you have the time and expertise. It could potentially offer a scalable alternative. Please keep me updated if you achieve significant results with it.

Regarding video conversion, handling 100 to 1000 videos daily depends heavily on various factors such as video quality and your ffmpeg settings. Personally, I optimize for smaller file sizes without significantly sacrificing quality, which uses more CPU and takes more time. An opinion based on my experience where bandwidth costs outweigh processing time costs.

While KVS is an application-level CMS and not a server solution, it would benefit from application-level load balancing features, such as setting request or bandwidth limits per server. This would add diversity and simplify management without too much complexity.

As for server specs, KVS can run on almost any CPU as it is quite efficient. The major demand for resources usually stems from your custom plugins or poorly optimized themes. Even a basic server can handle significant traffic if you employ strict security rules and minimize resource-intensive admin panel activities. For example, during a very brief transitional phase when I had the worst possible server setup (0.5GHz 1vcore OpenVZ HDD mass storage with 1GB RAM, no swap capability), image generation was slow, yet the site still supported 40,000 monthly users. This was feasible due to KVS’s effective caching capabilities.

There’s considerable debate regarding the use of SSD/NVME storage. From my perspective, such storage is vital not just for essential tasks but for overall performance enhancement, especially when you consider that media files, such as screenshots, will be stored in the same location as the CMS and can consume significant space with many videos.

For session management, a strategic approach involves creating a RAM disk for PHP sessions and configuring PHP-FPM so that this RAM disk writes to the disk partition, ensuring no data loss during reboots.

Regarding MYSQL/MariaDB, I've not needed to scale this myself. KVS still defaults to using MYISAM, which is faster but has significant drawbacks. If MYSQL becomes a bottleneck, you could revert to using an older version of Sphinx (the version supported by KVS, not the newer paid version), which requires manual setup but is effective for large-scale sites.

I'm also working on a Docker project to set up a conversion server quickly, using the processing power of a robust CPU VPS. This project isn't complete or public yet, but you can follow its progress here. This setup allows for rapid deployment and integration with KVS to maximize performance efficiently.

I hope this helps, and feel free to check back for updates on the conversion server project.

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