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‘KVS Themes’ Rolls Out a 20 % Black Friday Sale

KVS Themes

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Celebrate Black Friday with the ‘KVS Themes’ marketplace, your go-to destination for premade Kernel Video Sharing templates. Explore a wide range of high-quality KVS themes that will supercharge your web platform’s capabilities, all while enjoying substantial discounts.

‘KVS Themes’ Black Friday is live with an exclusive offer - use BF2023 promo code and get 20% OFF of all templates across our online store:

  • Basic themes. Clean, simple, and visually appealing.
  • Tablet themes. Optimized specifically for mobile devices/tablets.
  • Paysite themes. Designed to help scale conversion ratio up.
  • Ultimate themes. Templates that have numerous great features and are easily customizable. A perfect fit for a tube using the ultimate KVS license.

Note that a 20% discount is also applicable to our customization services. So if you’re looking for tailored solutions at a lower price, don’t miss the big Black Friday sale.

Good news don’t stop here. The special is launched in cooperation with our partners at Kernel Video Sharing, meaning that the offer featuring BF2023 promo code extends to all KVS products and services, which you can check at their official website.

‘KVS Themes’ Black Friday hot deals are valid until December 1st, while the sitewide sale from Kernel Video Sharing will be over on November 25th. Mark your calendars and hurry up to save big!

For more info contact us at:

Email address: support@kvs-themes.com 
Telegram: @kvsthemes 
Skype: kvs-themes

KVS-themes-BF-1100x600-1-mod1 (1).png

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