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question for kvs webmaster that use player vast, juicyads or any other ads platform.


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Hi, i want to earn from player, i tried to earn from juicyads
but i dont find that they have stream ads and also ad on screen dont work.

for kvs webmaster here that earn money from ads?
what ads platform you use? and how you earn from video player ads?
how you use it? how to set it up?

where they can find vast ads?
for example how can i find and run ads for
Pre-roll advertising
Post-roll advertising
Advertising on pause
Start screen advertising?

for example re-roll advertising
i dont know what to enable
Enable file content or Enable HTML content or Enable VAST

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I'll do my best to answer your question.
To configure VAST, you need an annual subscription with KVS services.
Available here:
"VAST Subscription"
At $120 for 12 months, it might seem steep, but depending on your site's traffic, it could pay for itself in less than a month, and even more so thereafter. In my opinion, it's well worth the investment.
There might be other ways to set up a VAST without this option, but in my view, this is the easiest method and should be considered.
You simply create a zone on your provider that supports VAST, then copy and paste the URL into the settings of your player wherever you want it activated (depending on user type, before/after the video, etc.)

Hoping this answers :)

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