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Automatic installation on Linux for Kernel Video Sharing


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WARNING from KVS support: The server setup script provided by Mich does not install Apache on your server, however according to our support policy Apache is a strict requirement for KVS. There may be issues for you in the future updating URL patterns, and KVS support won't provide any assistance in that if your server doesn't have Apache installed.


Hi ! Looking for an easy way for installing KVS on Linux, I got you !
I've been working on an automatic script for installing everything that the CMS need.

The script is working fine and has been already used by some big tube websites (2-10m monthly visits).  
Of course, there is still room for improvements and I am looking for some feedback !  
If interested here GitHub and One YouTube Video where I run it. 

VM in the video : Debian 11 / 1vcore / 2Go / 10GB SSD / Clean Install
Space left after LEMP installation : 6.3G


Don't hesitate if you have any questions, or features/fixes to request!



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On 4/6/2024 at 5:58 PM, freeplaycams said:

Super useful thanks!

Thank you for your message, I'm glad you found the script useful! It will also be updated soon with new features :)

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