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Can some one suggest me Webcam Script?


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I have worked for two of the largest adult webcams in the market a few years ago and also try to start my own.

Tried two ready made scripts and had bad luck with both, End up paying for custom script.

So my best advice is to develop a custom solution. If you need more info send me private massage.

Or you could setup a special solution using some already established webcam API. If you have lots of traffic you could get up to %40 rev share without much work and investment. I also can give you direct contacts for some webcams , not the affiliate managers but top board guys.








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On 9/9/2021 at 12:55 PM, xvids said:


I want to host own webcam website, 

Please suggest me some best webcam script,

and how to Start



My team can help you with developing custom solution for your webcam site based on your needs and requirements. 

Please hit me up via email adulthtml@gmail.com, skype: adult-html or telegram: https://t.me/adulthtml to discuss further details. 


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