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Full backup primary + storage server

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Let's say tomorrow the datacenter gets hit by an asteroid and I lose the contents of all the servers.
If I made a full backup of the site folder in the primary server and the storage server on a disk of mine, could I if needed simply paste them into two new servers and have them up and running without difficulty?
Surely the answer is no, and I would like to figure out how to make a no-frills backup that is ready to deploy if needed.


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Yes, normally you extract files from backup on a new server and then follow this guide:


Please note you also need database backup, which may be included into you main site directory under /admin/data/backups as a part of KVS backup archive. Then you also need to import SQL from backup archive into a new database.

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Posted (edited)

Just to avoid misunderstandings:


I rsync on my local disk /var/www (excluding /admin/smarty/cache ,/admin/data/engine, /tmp) both primary and storage.

In case of server failure I setup both servers with requirements you provide on your docs (nginx, php, mysql, and all other environment software needed), upload to /var/www, restore mysql db with same user/pw and backup, and ultimately follow this.


Is this correct? 

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