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Summary of results from feature poll  

  1. 1. The most wanted features for 5.5.0

    • User notification system, ability for users to get notifications about some events (new comments for their videos for example)
    • Ability to reply comments (e.g. hierarchical comments)
    • User achievements, badges (for example after posting XX comments, or uploading XX videos)
    • Support for user groups and privileges (for example configure that users from group A are not allowed to comment, or rate, or download and etc)
    • Video subtitles support
    • Content sheduler (ability to specify how many new content you want to publish each day and KVS will follow these settings)
    • Support of S3 protocol in storage servers (should allow using Amazon S3 for content storage and streaming)
    • Better custom fields (ability to specify their type, required, value range)
    • Grouping of video timeline screenshots into a single sprite image (should result in faster timeline loading) + optional timeline sources (should save disk space)
    • Support for WebP in albums
    • Ability to disallow individual videos for certain countries
    • Ability to use Google translate service (paid) to create localized titles / descriptions for content and categorization
    • Better synonymizer plugin that will support complex expressions
    • Support for importing / exporting feeds for albums same as for videos
    • Ability to import / export categorization objects

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In video format settings it will now be possible to connect pre-roll and post-roll intros to video content source custom fields. This will provide ability to have different intros for videos from different content sources:



In conversion server settings we previously added ability to configure which types of background tasks were allowed to run on a specific conversion server. But there was one exclusion that if conversion server is empty and has no running tasks, KVS would anyway put a task into it, even if this task has other type. Now we added additional option to configure whether you want this server to accept any types of tasks when free, or you want this server to exclusively work with specific task types and not accept other tasks.


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