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  1. I'm looking for someone to develop (or if you have and will sell it) a custom post processing plugin that will move the screenshots, small mp4 video animation and other files to my CDN, once they are moved (transferred) then delete them from the primary server. So basically KVS will process the video as normal, create the screenshots and other files. Once it has completed the custom post processing plugin will move them to a CDN via FTP (or LFTP) or any other method that is available by my CDN. This is what is available as a plugin in our KVS setup. "This plugin lets you add your custom post-processing logic into videos and albums, which will be executed right after video / album processing is finished by KVS. In order to add your logic you should put your code into /admin/plugins/custom_post_processing/custom_post_processing.php file in the places identified by comments for videos and albums. Also you should modify custom_post_processingIsEnabled function in this file to return true.If you need this custom logic to be executed for existing videos or albums, use mass edit functionality from admin panel, which can manually execute this plugin for the selected set of videos or albums."
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