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  1. Hello, maybe a weird question I would like rename Content Sources on the website that now have the name (link) sites to the name (link) channels. How do I do that? thanks in advance Jaco
  2. Thank you for your answer and advice, I have contacted exoclick, and wait for an answer. In the meantime I will add Interstitial ads to the website;)
  3. Last week I received this email from Google. To the owner of <domain>, The Google systems have found misleading functionality on your site. To protect the visitors of your site, Google Chrome prevents from 1-Mar-2020 that the site can open new windows or tabs. In addition, Chrome then starts deleting all ads unless the issues are resolved. You can solve the problem as follows: 1 Identify the misleading functionality Go to the "Misleading functionality" report to identify the found functionality that violates the policy. 2 Remove the misleading functionality Together with your web
  4. Cool stuf when is the release of this update
  5. Mine bounce rate on default theme with advertising is 35,11%
  6. Hello All, I just wanted to report that the update went perfectly. I had some problems but that had to do with an outdated ioncube version I updated to the newest ioncube version. I wanted to share this link with others who are running the server under plesk and also need to update https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003090994-How-to-update-ionCube-Loader-to-the-latest-version-for-PHP-5-6-7-0-7-1-or-7-2-shipped-by-Plesk- Suc6
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