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  1. And the code is open in this subscription? If yes, then this is wonderful, because I wanted to make an adabitive
  2. I am also thinking about it.But as I understand it, there are a lot of things that are not there, or is it also the full version just by monthly payment ?
  3. Hello, I want to buy a license, but I can't afford the full price. I would be grateful for a good offer, then I will definitely buy the full version and update. It will be great if you have version 5.3 and later. I know that you need to buy directly, but unfortunately the budget is not big, an amateur project. I wanted to figure out the engine, and when I fully understand and develop the project, then I can afford to buy a full license. And now I will be grateful for the opportunity to try the engine for a reasonable price. Thanks for attention.
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