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  1. Hello, Is it possible to make HD or 4K content available for only paid users? When users will click on the movie they can watch it for free but if they want to switch to higher qualities then they will have to become a premium member.
  2. MRS


    Hello, I followed what you said but it didn't remove the ability to upload screenshots when creating new videos and this option is still there. is there any other option ? Thank you.
  3. MRS


    Hello, How Can I remove or disable the ability to change the default screenshot by the user during the upload process? Thank you.
  4. Hello and Happy New Year, Is there a way to mass edit titles of videos without opening them one by one? Thanks .
  5. Hi, I'm thinking of something like PH, to have an option for verifying members' identity (it can be just a piece of paper), so members can get a verified badge on their profile, right now we have to spend hours to review every uploaded content. Uploaders will have to take responsibility for their uploads, of course, it sounds not so friendly for tube sites but it's necessary.
  6. can you consider adding an option for verified members or a daily upload limit per user?
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