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  1. I think he is asking if possible to show related videos from the same channel of the video user is viewing if that video belongs to a channel.
  2. I really never counted how many videos per day are encoded because videos are always different in size and duration and depends how many videos users upload or we upload. But both servers usually encode way more than 500 videos per day. For encoding we use CRF at 25 for free tubes and CRF 21 for premium videos and pay-sites.
  3. Hello I have tried many ways of remote servers for encoding. We had local servers consisting of I9 10core/20 thread but the cost of power plus dedicated fiber cable was not worth it. So we found best solution to be 8C/16T servers from so you start which are pretty cheap. Our numbers Local (our office servers) Dedicated fiber cable 1Gb - €120 / month Electricity costs to run two servers 24/7 - € 90 + Two servers at so you start - €110 euro. So easy choice. If you need info on how to setup the servers let me know we could help
  4. Default number categories allowed by user when uploading video is 3, how to change it to another number.
  5. FTP is not the easier way but also a better option if setup the same way as ftp content is for content balance. The possibility of having screen/timelines on different servers around the glove will be a better option then NFS
  6. Very nice looking player , KVS team should make it as option in the new release
  7. KVS stated that you will look at implementing HLS as written above " vote for your 2 desired features in 5.5.0 (we already know for HLS / adaptive streaming, so it is not included) " HLS Stands for HTTP Live streaming so by implementing HLS you are already adding live streaming, so it will be possible to add HLS m3u8 urls I guess this will be great to build live channels list sites. I understand how token works in actual version , we are using it already in one of our sites . But for users to sell private videos or subscriptions to their channels better option was to have have single video/object purchase in $$.
  8. Apart from above topics also some add ones to look at are: 1 - Live streaming with user live chat ( similar to youtube live stream). 2 - Add a function to choose between tokens or real money. Tokens are great for adult sites but money is preferable for mainstream sites. 3 - Ability to use streaming servers for content like wowza , wowza allows for HLS streaming and secure streaming.
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