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KVS player and UC Browser VAST issue

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  • KVS player and UC Browser VAST issue

    There was a global issue found with showing VAST ads in UC Browser on mobile devices. As far as we know this issue is affecting all other players as well.

    It looks like UC Browser doesn't follow HTML5 standards for videos, so when rendering video advertising it doesn't allow to display any clickable Skip button and some VAST advertisers complain about this.

    Therefore we decided to hotfix KVS player to not display VAST advertising on mobile UC Browsers until a better solution is found. You can download the hotfixed player file from here:

    IMPORTANT! This file can be updated if your KVS version is only either 4.0.3 or 4.0.4. Earlier versions will have issues with the new player.

    WARNING! This player version was not yet tested on production projects. Make sure to keep a local copy of the updated file so that you can restore it at any time if needed.